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Wonderful Company replaces old CRM system to remove data siloes and improve retail execution


  • As a part of managing retail and distributor accounts, Wonderful’s salespeople would perform display checks, surveys, and store audits.
  • Wonderful struggled to tie the data collected during these store visits to its main system of record, StayinFront CRM.
  • Business leaders at Wonderful had a fragmented view of department, product, and relationship management data.
  • Wonderful’s data from distributor and retail store visits was stuck in silos. They knew they were missing out on opportunities to drive sales on store visits as a result.


  • Wonderful replaced StayinFront with the Salesforce CRM Platform and Youreka – powered by Synaptic AP.
  • Wonderful's field sales reps use Youreka forms, assessments, and surveys to capture Salesforce data during display checks and store audits. Users access Youreka forms in either the Youreka Mobile App, which enables data capture offline, or the Salesforce mobile app.
  • Youreka’s branching logic and smart features guide Wonderful's sales reps through display checks, surveys, and store audits from start to finish.

Value / Results​

  • Wonderful’s sales reps can now easily capture important data during store audits, whether they are on or offline.
  • Wonderful’s reps can automate follow-up tasks based on responses they receive during store visits.
  • Wonderful’s reps have a 360-degree view of their retail account information before, during, and after a store visit.
  • Wonderful’s reps can use a single Youreka form to update account, contact, product, and quality control information within Salesforce in real time.
  • Business leaders at Wonderful can use Salesforce reports and data captured in Youreka to identify trends, hazards, and risks within retail accounts.

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