Reliance ACO improved quality score by 96%, saved over $12 Million and Generated revenue for $15.4 Million using Synaptic's care and population health management solutions

  • $12M

    in savings
  • $15.4M

  • 96.87%

    Quality Score


Reliance spent 9 months trying to implement a Microsoft based solution and still couldn’t generate simple reports on their Provider Network or their patients


  • Took them from start to initial Go-Live in 3 weeks.
  • Integrated into two HIE’s
  • Stratified their population
  • Developed rich analytics
  • Personalized patient interactions

Value / Results

  • Generated $12 Million in savings in 2014
  • Generated $15.4 Million in 2016 with a quality score of 96.87%
  • Developed real-time visibility into patient/facility interaction through ADT listening

Synaptic AP has brought us access to information in such a short period of time. For us, this has been huge.

Reliance ACO

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