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Interblock Taps Synaptic AP to Transform Mobile Workforce Operations for Sales Cloud-Based Field Reps


  • Interblock's mobile workforce used Sales Cloud, but relied on paper-based retail execution and field service operations. This caused significant inefficiencies, poor competitor intel and little-to-no actionable BI.
  • Paper-based retail and merchandising audits created gaps in data and an inability to adequately prepare account reps for their field visits.
  • Audits were grossly and unnecessarily time consuming due to redundant data capture and data entry tasks that required field reps to enter paper-based notes into their database and into Sales Cloud.
  • Interblock lacked a means for providing field reps through installations, and for managing field maintenance and repairs.


 Synaptic AP equiped Interblock's mobile workforce with Youreka for:

  • Mobile retail execution, namely retail and merchandising audits
  • Field service operations, including field maintenance and repairs.

(The Youreka implementation was fast and easy, taking less than a week)

Value / Results

  • Significant time savings, visibility and improved data accuracy.
  • Improved first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved sales and decision-making due to actionable insights and BI.
  • Interblock’s field reps are now able to take their Salesforce account and existing asset data offline, documenting what they see using dynamic forms. The forms support dependencies so that field reps are only prompted with questions that are contextually relevant. Further, the reps are able to answer questions using voice to text and increased the quality of their visits exponentially.

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