Christian Care Ministries

Salesforce-based call center queue increases efficiency, improves data quality, and triages thousands of daily calls


  • During the busy season, 60-80 call center agents would field thousands of inbound and outbound calls per day from prospective members.
  • Managing contacts and triaging calls in the NetSuite customer management product was too difficult and time-consuming. CCM needed an automated call center queue solution.​
  • CCM’s lead scoring system in Excel was a slow, manual process that led to inaccurate data.
  • CCM lacked an easy, scalable solution for managing its Big Data.​
  • NetSuite's payment processing product was difficult to use and hampered call center agents’ ability to add new members over the phone. ​


  • Synaptic AP replaced an element of CCM’s NetSuite solution with Sales Cloud.​
  • Synaptic AP cleaned and migrated millions of records of data from NetSuite to Salesforce. We also adapted CCM’s business processes to Salesforce.​
  • Synaptic AP built an automated call queue application in Salesforce. We created a custom object named “Calls” and wrote tons of custom logic into the Salesforce Call Queue, thus automating the lead scoring and routing process.​
  • Synaptic AP deployed an easy-to-use forms application for processing new member applications. We also created a simple online payment processing application.​

Value / Results​

  • Sales enablement – call center agents are able to field more "high quality" inbound and outbound calls. This has led to a rise in memberships.​
  • CCM has significantly increased the efficiency of its operations, cut down on manual data entry, and dramatically improved the quality of its data.
  • Leadership at CCM is making better data-driven decisions now that they can manage their Big Data.​
  • CCM's new payment portal has led to a surge in the number of member payments processed, which has helped to increase revenue.​

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